Watch Penguin Parade | Phillip Island

Watch Penguin Parade | Phillip Island


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Event Details:

At sunset every night, the world’s largest colony of Little Penguins walk up the beach in Phillip Island to their homes. Since visitors are not currently allowed due to COVID restrictions,Phillip Island’s LIVE Penguin Parade – Live From Aus will be live streaming the Penguin parade from 6 PM 1 October.

It’s time for a bedtime story, kids. 📖🐧

Narrated by Michael “Wippa” Wipfli, experience the magic of Phillip Island’s LIVE Phillip Island Penguin Parade off the coast of Visit Melbourne. Witness the cutest penguins returning to the world’s largest little penguin colony and let your mind wander as the playful story unfolds.
Penguin Parade Phillip Island. Experience one of Australia’s most popular attractions. Each night at sunset you’ll be amazed by Little Penguins returning ashore
Live Penguin TV. At sunset every night* the world’s largest colony of Little penguins puts on a FREE 30 minute show as they waddle across the beach to.

Event Date And Location

  • Thursday, 1 October 2020 from 18:00-18:30 UTC+10
  • Online event

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